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Pay as you go

4g not working in iphoneX

2: Seeker

I have recently upgraded my phone from 6to iphone x. After updating my data settings manually I still dont have 4g. With the same sim card i have faster connection in iphone 6, I have a pay as you go account. How can i solve this?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @carolele 


If you are using the same SIM card from your previous phone, I would consider getting a replacement from a Vodafonee Store, they will have the number transferred to the new SIM within the hour.  When you go to the store for security reasons remember to take some ID with you.  


However, it won't do any harm contacting Vodafone to make sure 4G is still enabled against your account but there is no reason for it not to be.


I notice you have updated your data settings and will have enabled 4G on the phone settings.  If you have not already done, try synchronising to your itunes account, this will download the data settings.


If there is no improvement, please take a look at this link for self help:  Network Queries



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2: Seeker

thank you, going to the shop soon to get it sorted

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