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Access in South America

1: Seeker

Just returned from trip to South America - no Vodafone service anywhere!  Didn't expect it on the Galapagos Islands, but would have thought there might be coverage in Lima. Bogota or Quito.  Might as well have left the phone at home.  Everyone else seemed to be using their phones all the time, so I am obviously with the wrong network provider.

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Community Champion (Retired)

Perhaps you were just using the wrong phone? In much of the Americas, you need a quad-band or tri-band rather than a twin-band phone. Also, have you used that account abroad before? Sometimes an account is barred from roaming, and you need to either unbar it via your account, or contact CS for help.

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@robinsonpe44 We can't always guarantee signal whilst you're outside of the UK.
However, it seems strange that you were unable to get any service at all whilst travelling.
In the future, it may be worth checking your phone is set up to use abroad.
I'd also recommend checking there's no bars or restrictions on your account whilst using your phone outside of the UK - our Live Chat team will be more than happy to check this over for you.

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