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Pay as you go

Activating credit bought with phone

2: Seeker

Several months ago I bought a PAYG phone from carphone warehouse with a £10 topup. When I got the phone I inserted my old sim and used that.

I was told by a member of carphone warehouse support that the phone would come with a big value bundle sim and a separate top up card. This is what turned up with the sim inside the pack: IMG_20180315_150919271.jpg


How can I:

1. topup £10

2. Keep my existing number

3. Keep on simply/one and not waste the £10 on a bvb. 


This probably will be an issue I have to take up with carphone but I was just hoping that I could do something without them.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @kammak743


If you have been given a new SIM by Carphone, the credit and bundle will be with the SIM given to you by Carphone.  This means you won't be in a position to add the bundle to your old SIM.


If you are using and want to keep the old number, it will mean having to carrry on with the BVB and top up you were previously using.


As you have had the SIM and top up for several months, it might also be worth checking the expiry date.  If you are not happy, as this was sold by Carphone, you will need to take it up with them.


I have got to admit finding myself in the same situation with Carphone but donated the SIM and top up which came with the number to a charity.

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13: Advanced Member

Unless there was also a separate top-up voucher in the stuff given to you by CPW, I'd guess that the £10 was applied to the SIM at the time of purchase. If so, then either it will have been converted direct to a BVB, which will have expired ages ago, or alternatively the £10 is still sitting on the account. The CPW receipt might/should give some clues.

What happens if you call 2345 from the SIM? You should get a recital of any available allowances (presumably all zero) followed by a statement of your credit balance, if any. If the £10 is still sitting on the account, then calling 191 from either SIM will get you through to CS, who may be willing to move the £10 to your ongoing number.

Also, how long ago is "several months"? If it's now more than 9 months since the SIM was activated, there has to be a danger that the number will have been disconnected and the credit lost. While a top-up voucher is issued without any expiry date, once the funds are applied to a mobile number, they become subject to the general PAYG conditions.

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13: Advanced Member

For some reason, I suddenly wondered if anyone had answered the third question in your original post! I can't see that they have. To avoid getting a further Big Value Bundle, call 41146 before topping up or applying a voucher in order to switch to PAYG 1. 

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