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Pay as you go

Adding more Data outside Uk

1: Seeker

I purchased a Sim card with a big value bundle for 6gb so I could use while travelling Europe. I've run out of data and am no longer in the UK. I tried topping up online but I get an error each time I try to purchase. Went to a Vodafone store in Munich and they told me they can't help me top up and can only be done online. How can I go about doing it? Thanks in advance.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Garrow10 


The first thing to do is to clear cookes and cache, and try topping up again using an alternative card also try through your My Vodafone Application.


The only way to top up from abroad is online or by registering with My Vodafone.  You can register a debit or credit card before leaving the UK to make things easier for you.


If you are trying to renew your BVB early, when you have topped up this can be done from the link here : Big Value Bundles

You an also add a data extra from this link: Vodafone PAYG Extras


If you still have problems and have family or friends in the UK contact them and ask is they can top up for you.  Otherwise contact Vodafone from this link: Contact Us


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