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Pay as you go

Am I being ripped off or is Vodafone just extremely idiotic?

1: Seeker


So on Friday 15th Feb I added my bank account to my "My Vodafone" account. The first time I tried adding it, there was a problem and it wasn't added, but £1 was taken from my bank balance (Vodafone said this would be refunded in 24-48hrs when I asked them about it the same day). I tried adding my bank account again, this time it worked. But another £1 was taken, and again I was told I would be refunded as they were just service charges. 6 days later, and I still haven't had a refund of the £2 taken, and I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but still. That £2 could of helped me buy something I really needed, and right now it does. So is Vodafone just ripping me off to get an extra £2 in their pockets or what?? Vodafone is beyond pathetic. I've been with them before and they were bad so I don't even know why I decided to come back. Worst network ever .

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17: Community Champion

Usually the £1 taken in my experience is to test that an account can be deducted from and then the money is returned. 

I would suggest to use 191 or Live Chat and ask for the £2 to be refunded back to you.

You may even find it's been processed and in the system to be refunded back to you but at least the Vodafone Agent can clarify. 

A refund can take from a few working days to a little over a week to process.

Your own Banks Customer Services can usually see what's due to be taken from and put back into your account a good few days in advance too.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @kmorton2


This is to test the card and make sure it is valid. 


If you check your bank account you will see two balances you pending and available balance  Vodafone won't claim the money and the transactions will be returned to your available balance in 2 to 3 days. 

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