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Amazon voucher code incorrect length

2: Seeker

Redeemed £20 Amazon voucher, told to wait 24hrs, not recieved, given a code by online helpdesk which is 10 digits to long.

This is the second time this has happened and it wasnt resolved the first time, i just exchanged for Argos voucher instead.

From what i have been told by the help desk and from my experiences, Vodaphone no longer have codes for Amazon,but still advertise that you can save your rewards points for them. Nobody seems to know or care about resolving the Voucher con, I was told I would recieve in email within 24hrs,never recieved, because it was never sent (Help desk actually admitted this), Told i would recieve a code within 5 minutes,never recieved.

Told i would be sent the code by text to my phone,never recieved.

Finally given a code by the help desk which he guaranteed would work,only to find it is at least 9 characters to long.

If Vodaphone put in as much urgency to sorting the problem as they do in wanting to close your call as being resolved I would be more optimistic, now im just sick of the BS and just want my voucher so I can go to a company that actually cares about its customers.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Julie_Seal



I recall past threads concerning similar content so I'm not surprised your unimpressed with this. 


If this was my situation I'd ring the complaints number. 


Vodafones Complaints number [Removed by admin]
Free to call.


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Moderator (Retired)

Hello @Julie_Seal


This sounds very odd. 

The best way forward is to recontact our team on 0333 304 0191 and explain the code is invalid and we will help you further.



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1: Seeker

in the answer to your question the code for you to use with your Voucher should only be 10 numbers long not 11

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