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Big Value Bundle - iPhone 5 not working

1: Seeker



I purchased £10 big value bundle and tried the 4G and it’s not working. No google maps or google or anything. Just keeps loading and does nothing. :C


Can you please help asap. It’s gettibg wasted and I’m unable to use the 3G/4G while touring.


If there’s not much help regarding this, could I possibly apply for a refund? It’s really sad that I can’t use it and it’s frustrating. Please help. 


Kind regards. 

1: Seeker



Can I use this same function and steps for data? I’ve bought £10 big value bundle and it’s not working. No maps, google or anything. 


Please help ASAP.

17: Community Champion

Hi @KnightNoble


It can sometimes take a short while for the allowances to kick in. 

Check in your myvodafone to see if your allowances are showing and that no data bars etc are activated. 

Are you touring in the UK or abroad. 

If abroad check your roaming bars are off in your myvodafone. 


Is your Mobile Data setting turned On in your phone, and as a process of elimination can you insert your SIM card in another phone to see if things work. 

Customer services via phone or Live Chat can access your account and help you further too. Vodafone > contact-us.

If your abroad then manually choose another network. Check to see if the frequencies and band's in your phone work on the abroad network if relevant. 

Use the following links to check your local and surrounding masts if the issue is when your in the UK. 

Vodafone uk-coverage-map and Network-issues-initial-checks-and-template


Text WEB to 40127 to reset up internet settings. 

These may help too. 

vodafone-apn-settings and Set-up-your-phone-for-internet.

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