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Pay as you go

Big Value Bundle

3: Seeker



I am trying to buy a BVB of £10 but for some reason it isn't taking it, I used to have a BVB20 but can't afford it this month, it took 2 days for that to cancel, and I just tried again, by  texting BVB10 to 49501 but keep getting the reaponse:

From Vodafone: Sorry - we can't add a Big Value Bundle to your account. Please call our customer service team on 191 for free on your Vodafone mobile.


I also tried calling 2345 and going through the options and when I press 2 to buy a bundle, it says "Please hold..." And then proceeds to go back to the previous option of wanting to buy a BVB or another option (which I can't remember). In the end I had to use some of the credit for calls, and had to retop-up.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @lillukey11


You should also be able to purchase a BVB from your online account and through the My Vodafone Application.


If there are still problems, it might be worth calling Vodafone of using live chat, they will be able to help.

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