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Bonus credit

2: Seeker

I spent some time yesterday speaking to an advisor at 191 about my bonus credit. I was informed that I had £25 in total of bonus credit I asked if the £10 bonus  credit could be applied to my phone I got hmm! Not very professional. I was also informed that I had a lot of data waiting to go on to my phone, I have also phoned 2345 to find I have 500mgb of freebie data hanging around! How can I make sure that my bonus credit and data get applied to my phone.

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17: Community Champion



I'm a little confused by the situation you are describing, mainly because "bonus credit" has a number of possible, although related, meanings.


Is it bonus credit that you have been awarded for topping up by a specified amount within a specified period? If so, the offer should have described the basis on which it would be applied to your account, but the general rules are set out on


Alternatively, bonus credit can be got by redeeming Rewards Points which you have "earned" through topping up. If this applies, you will see a basic description on , and additional details will be given before you confirm that you want to go ahead with the Rewards Points redemption.


If you have a Freebie Data, the 500MB of data will have been applied to your account; it sounds as though that is probably what 2345 was telling you.


Your online account, which can be set up at if you haven't already done so, should show you more details of all these items.


If you can give a little more detail about your situation, someone may be able to advise you further.

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2: Seeker

Hi £15 of the bonus credit was from points "earned" from topping up the £10       

Bonus credit was from topping up by a specific amount. The 500MB of extra data has been hanging around for some time. I will go into the catalogue and see what the score is as to redeeming the £10 bonus credit. I will also see how I stand on the extra data.

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Please speak with our Pay as you go Live Chat team who'll be able to have a look into this for you. 

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