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Pay as you go

Buying a SIM Plan in the USA

2: Seeker

Hi all, I want to buy a SIM only 1 month plan for use in Germany and the Netherlands. I'm in the USA now and want the SIM shipped to me here before I leave for my trip. I will not be in the UK. 
The checkout process will not progress past the credit check (I imagine because I have a US Zipcode, not a UK postcode). How can I buy the SIM plan and get it shipped to me in the USA? 



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17: Community Champion

Hi @hdavis 


It will be PAYG you need not pay monthly, the tariff you are looking at will be a 30 day UK roll over contract with 30 days notice required for cancellation. When you are taking out a pay monthly you need a UK permanent address, be on the electoral roll at that address have a UK bank account and reasonable UK credit history.


With Vodafone being a UK network they will only sent SIM cards to a UK address, you also need a UK debit or credit card to be able to add top up credit online from overseas.


There is further information for you here:  Vodafone UK PAYG


As you are visiting Germany and the Netherlands and not the UK, I would like to suggest you visit a Vodafone Germany store where you will be able to get a SIM card for the country.  This will be dependant on your phone being unlocked and suitable for use in a  EU destination.


I would also like to link you to this thread from a US citizen:


I hope this information answers your enquiry but if there are any further questions, please come back to the forum.







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17: Community Champion

Hi @hdavis 


Sounds like your going on some fantastic trip to exciting destinations.


Applying for a Vodafone UK Pay Monthly Contract wouldn't be open to you I'm afraid as the required criteria wouldn't be met.


As Vodafone UK wont ship a Vodafone UK Pay As You Go Sim card outside of the UK you would need someone you know in the UK pick one up, activate it by topping it up with credit, choose the required Payg Tariff and make sure Roaming is activated and supply you with top up vouchers or codes. 


Even though different countries share the same Vodafone Brand name they are not linked.



  1. What I would suggest is to check with your current home network if you haven't already to see if they can offer roaming to the countries your visiting as that way you wouldn't have to look into....
  • Finding a shop to pick up another sim card and then find ways to top it up and then have to pass your new temporary number to people you know.
  • You may have to unlock your present phone so it'll accept another network sim card and check it has the bands and frequencies to work on the other networks. i.e tri-band phone.
  • Update the phones Apn settings so the internet will work. These are normally sent when the relevant sim card is inserted.

However you proceed I wish you a safe journey.    :Smiling:



Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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