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Pay as you go

Can I top up my Irish pay as you go phone in the UK with a voucher?

2: Seeker

I have an Irish number and bought a top up voucher from the supermarket in the UK. The voucher number is 12 digits but it is being declined and requesting 13 digits. What are the next steps to resolve this? Should I just take it back?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @jamesthornton12


I suspect the Vodafone Ireland Network uses a different top up system and monetary system to the Vodafone UK.and thus they are not linked.

If that's definitely the case then Yes I would support your thoughts to go back to the shop for a refund or if they refuse a refund then pick up a Vodafone UK Payg sim card and use that - that's if your phone is unlocked to all networks to accept a Vodafone UK sim card.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @jamesthornton12


The top up voucher would be in GBP and you will be topping up in Euros.


I would imagine adding credit to an Irish Vodafone number would be the same as UK through your online account or phone application.


If you post on the Vodafone Ireland forum they will be able to advise further.  Vodafone Ireland Forum

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16: Advanced member

Unfortunately you can now no longer recharge prepaid Vodafone accounts using the top up cards bought in another country. They stopped this a few years ago.

Do Vodafone Ireland offer the facility to recharge online using a credit or debit card?

If not, check out a third party site such as

They let you recharge Irish numbers.

Good luck...

But to your point about the UK recharge, yes return it if they'll take it. It's no good to you :Sad_face: 

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