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Can't connect to Vodafone app or internet

2: Seeker

When trying to use the Vodafone app on my iphone 4 I keep getting "It doesn't look like your mobile data connection is turned on"


I've requested and installed a new profile and checked the mobile connections are set for payg but can't work out why I have this problem,


Any help most appreciated.



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17: Community Champion

Hi @Geoff48 


It would be worth checking out these links: 

How can I set my phone up for internet and picture messaging? 

What should I do if I have no or slow data connection? 


Synchronising to itunes will download the correct APN carrier settings for the network.


To access the Application on the phone, to locate your account, you need to use mobile data, make sure your WiFi is turned off and mobile data is turned on.


It would also be worth making sure there is not a network issue at the location and you have a good data connection.  This can be done by following this link: Network Queries 

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2: Seeker

Thanks for the reply, I eventually found I had to reset network connections in the phone. All good now.

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