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Pay as you go

Can't receive sms from some sites with UK vodafone sim card internationally.

2: Seeker

I'm using pay as you go vodafone sim card but I can’t receive sms from instagram or facebook and any “test if I can receive sms” websites (like [Removed]) but I can receive sms from other mobile phones and from [Removed] site. I spoke with vodafone UK support for a whole day and we still have not found any solution…


I'm not in UK right now and all local sim cards work just fine (I tested two brands, I have unlocked phone). But it's weird that I can recive sms from some sites and not from others... Anyone ever experienced this issue and did you ever found a solution?

[MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove  advertising content please see Community Guidelines]

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@Dragonknigh - This is strange! So that we can check if any of these texts are reaching our network, please send us your details by following the instructions in this private message.

When you get in touch, please also include any time and date examples that you may have.

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