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Pay as you go

Can't spend reward points

2: Seeker

I want to add more credit on my phone for texts with the reward points, but when I go to the page to spend my points, it only takes me to a page which says to check my points. I check my points and put in the code, but it won't take me to a page to spend my rewrd points, even if I click on the Spend Rewards link

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17: Community Champion

Hi @JanetLee 


I suspect your problem here will be a cookie preventing you from entering the code.


The first thing to do when you have a log on problem is to clear all your cookies and PC cache, close down the browser for a few minutes to allow it to settle down and then try again, Google Chrome seems to work well with Vodafone.


However, if you continue to have problems live chat or Customer Services are there to help.




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2: Seeker

I try to contact Customer Services on my laptop by clicking Contact Us, and then a page comes up which says Speak With Us (beta) and then it's a blank page but nothing else. I tried with 3 different browswers on my laptop.
I can't find a chat box to ask them why I can't send text essages after spending my reward points to get 50 messages for 2 days.

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2: Seeker

Have they taken away live chat online to ask questions? I want to smash up my computer with frustration as can't top up my phone for 2 days.
I used my reward points to get messages for 2 days and it isn't working. It didn't used to be this difficult. When it didn't work before I talked to a live chat agent who helped me. Now it won't let me talk to a live chat agent

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7: Helper

Hi @JanetLee


From my experience, the Speak With Us (beta) tends to come up after Vodafone have just come back online after going through updates on their servers.


What is supposed to happen is you talk to an automated bot who asks you questions, very similar to the way the Google app Allo works. Once the bot works out what help you require, you automatically get put through to a live agent. As this is still in beta, there are some teething problems.


My suggestion to you is call 191 and explain the situation. 191 agents are very helpful and can have direct access to technical whilst you're on the phone . Calling 191 is free from your Vodafone mobile but as you're on Pay as you Go, is only available until 9pm.


Let us know how you get on and I'm certain the Vodafone Social Media Team here will be able to help further if necessary.

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