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Pay as you go

Can't top up from app

2: Seeker

For  The last few months I have not been able to top up my phone or anyone else's phone using the my Vodafone app. I have installed updates but still it doesn't work. It tells me there is a problem with my bank or card issuer but there is no problem if I use  The same card via the website. It's just a pain when the facility should be there in the app. Any suggestions as to what is going wrong? 

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@What-Now This does sound unusual, I'm sorry to hear you're having problems topping up, via the My Vodafone app. When you're entering your card details, please ensure you're filling these out manually, rather than using an 'auto fill' option (if your card details are saved/have been used before).
If you're already doing this, please try resetting the app and deleting/re-downloading it. This will help to refresh all of your settings.

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