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Pay as you go

Carrier charges to purchase on Google play store assistance please - possible fraudulent transaction

7: Helper

Hi there,


I noticed on my available credit that it went down by £2.00 and seen as I have a big value bundle, unlimited texts and 1000 minutes, I struggled to work this out so went on Live Chat. 


A delightful lady called Sheeba was most helpful with me and looked at my records and apparently I have purchased (and I'm quoting from Sheeba), - 'Google Pro'.


Not recognizing this app or having any knowledge of Google having a pro version of their app, never mind offering it for £2.00, I disputed this with Sheeba. She confirmed that it has gone from play store and I have been authorised to use carrier charges. Completely confused at this point, I scoured Google Pay and my account history and there is no information anywhere I have purchased a Google app pro or not on said date. In fact last time I bought anything was with my bank debit card authorised to use by my bank on Google pay and this was many weeks prior.


Of course I contacted Google and disputed this transaction and said very clearly I didn't believe Google had any apps worthy of being pro and they cannot help me any further as there is nothing showing on my Google account to confirm anything and of course I have no transaction i/d as I had no email from Google to confirm purchase for an app that clearly doesn't exist.


Which brings me nicely on what am I supposed to do now? Sheeba, bless her was very helpful but she can only go on what she sees which to be frank was as much as this 'Google Pro' apps existence. I have email transcript of entire conversation with Sheeba which I'm still confused as to whether it is Vodafone's idea of an April Fools Joke or not which I do not mind sharing here if allowed?


Someone please tell me I have just dreamt all this and the nightmare will end soon, I will get this mythical Pro version of Google sent soon or even better, I get my £2.00 back!

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17: Community Champion

The only pro version I can see is Google Earth Pro but I believe that's a free download.


Wait for the Vodafone Social Media Teams here to catch up with your thread and they'll bring you in away from the open forum via private message and they'll take a look at this for you @ReedPR 

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Samsung One Ui  / Pie.


Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @ReedPR 


This is a free application and not chargeable.  However, I think your problem here is going to be carrier charges, if you have been charged £2.00 it more than likely the daily charge for accessing the internet when you have exceeded the BVB 8GB data allowance.   If you have 1000 minutes unless this is a new SIM where you have the once only extra 50GB, the normal monthly allowance is 8GB and this can quickly be used during the 30 days leaving you to pay the daily £2.00 charge.


The best place to check as always is the My Vodafone Application this will always give your remaining BVB data allowance.


I wouldn't be surprised if the charge is something to do with your disappearing 4GB BVB data and the forum team will quickly get this sorted for you.


You are a most pleasant poster on this forum and it is nice to have you around and hope you will continue posting.

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7: Helper
  • @AnnS


I am most grateful for your kind words. I do not like animosity and see little point in being angry for little to no reason, especially when first port of call is usually Champions like you who volunteer your time and effort to help others before official Vodafone staff get in touch. Plus it's nice to be nice!


I have gone through all your advice which as per usual is gratefully received and acknowledged.


I have gone on usage breakdown and offer a screenshot of the aforementioned purchase I was supposed to have made -

You will see internet prior to purchase on same day was £0.00 which is correct if you have a big value bundle and still got data. On 29th March at precisely 1.35pm I paid £20.00 for a big value bundle giving me 8gb of data (and not the 12gb I thought I would have!)

At 1.21am 1st April precisely I have 6.8gb data left. Suffice to say I have not run out of data since bvb started!


My dear friend Sheeba is adamant that this purchase was made via Google play for what she claims is 'Google Pro'. Her chosen words not my assumption she meant. I asked for more details but she said for security reasons they do not get detailed information beyond the basics she gave me.


I asked Google to recheck again, if only for my sanity and a very nice lady called Kammi has responded to me to say this has 'escalated'. I'm assuming this to mean once all the Googlers return from their weekend off work, it will be in the inbox of someone relevant to transactions who may verify Sheeba's claims. 


If on the unlikely event I do actually get proper assistance from Google, I will if course escalate my priorities and update all interested parties in this very thread!


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7: Helper



I appreciate you looking for this app I am supposed to have purchased and eagerly await the presence of the Vodafone Social Media Team.  




I did actually write a lengthy post to you but for reasons I cannot explain, I somehow clicked on your post as the solution and lost it all!


Your kind words are as ever gratefully received. I do not like animosity and see little point in being angry for the sake of it when in all liklihood, a response to any thread normally comes from the champions like yourself or BandofBrothers who volunteer time and effort to help others. Seen as the Vodafone Social Media team do not use social media on weekends, it is refreshing to have volunteers willing to advise and help. If we did not have you Champions, we might be waiting much longer for a response and it always appreciative to see someone is willing to help. 


I did check on all usage breakdown again after you so kindly advised about there might be charges but it's confirmed - my big value £20 bundle only started 29th March 1.35pm precisely and out the 8gb data allowance (which I thought would be 12gb!) I still have 6.7gb remaining. 30th March at 3am precisely was the time I somehow purchased Google Pro for the princely sum of £2.00.


I will copy & paste the live chat transcript here and if you can make any sense as to what my dear friend Sheeba is on about with this Google Pro, you will certainly have earned that Champion title you have got!


Reference Number: 764306403818743855
DATE/TIME: 2019-03-30 22:03:53
Your Chat Transcript
The following is a record of your online chat with Vodafone today
Vodafone : Thanks for choosing to chat with us. Your query is Can u tell me wot this transaction is please as nothing new has been added to my account i.e texts or data and i wud like to know the origin of where this transaction took place please -

30Mar 3am £2. An agent will be with you shortly.
Sheeba : Hi, you're chatting with . Let me quickly go through the chat, so that I can help you.
Phil : Thanks let me know if u need further info Sheeba
Sheeba : I will check the usage details.
Sheeba : Let me pull up your account. 
Just need to clear the security checks first.
Phil : I did that myself online but it just says it was a purchase! Not much help is it
Sheeba : For security checks, could you confirm the 1st and 4th digit of your PIN? It is a numerical 4-digit PIN set up on your Vodafone account.
Phil : Yeah ask u pin question
Phil : xx
Sheeba : Thank you. I will check all the details on the account for this.
Sheeba : Please allow me 2 minutes, while checking your account details. I will appreciate your patience.
Phil : Thanks Sheeba. Can I call u Sheeba?
Sheeba : yes you can Phil.
Phil : Sheeba is my friend who will help me. I am certain of this
Sheeba : I will surely try my level best.
Sheeba : just couple of minutes more.
Phil : Your best is good enough. Can't ask for more can u
Sheeba : Thanks for waiting, I appreciate your patience.
Phil : Computers r slow the bane of our lives!
Sheeba : certainly sometimes.
Sheeba : Thanks for waiting.
Sheeba : Phil, I have checked and I see the transaction is from your google play account. I can see you have added your card details at google play store and it has been used to purchase google pro.
Phil : Google pro? I have had no email from Google to say I have bought anything? Does it say where it was purchased as in off play store or a special offer from here perhaps? I do not know even if Google has a pro version of anything
Sheeba : for security reasons we do not have access to google offers however the transaction is showing for a Google GetPro service.
Phil : Just check my entire transaction history last thing I bought was for £1.99 on 8th march n unused my credit card. I've NEVER bought anything using Vodafone credit because Google says it doesn't work on my device
Phil : I need this on an email please do I can dispute it with google
Sheeba : sure. you will see an envelope button at the bottom of the chat just need to click on it and you can email this chat to your email address.
Phil : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sheeba : I will surely apply a bar for third /premium party services on the account.
Phil : See I told u that u wud help me. Sheeba is the best!
Sheeba : I have successfully added the bar and you will receive a text confirmation for the same. Thanks so much for those kind words Phil.
Phil : Don't worry feedback will be left of Ur kind deed and patient manner. I think u deserve a pay increase!
Sheeba : Thank you very much. Anything else I can assist with today?
Phil : Just out of interest but wot does the speaker option opposite the envelope designed for?
Sheeba : that is for the sound notification that you have received a new message.
Phil : U have it in changing case u send msg to ppl and they will know they have received it! Interesting. Sheeba this as been a pleasure. Please enjoy Ur day and keep up the good work. Vodafone is lucky to have u
Sheeba : Fantastic! I am so happy that my effort paid off. thank you again.
Sheeba : Thank you for contacting Vodafone.
Phil : U have and it means so much to me. Take care!




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@ReedPR I'm sorry to hear you've received additional charges for a purchase you're unaware of, I understand how concerning this can be. So we're able to take a closer look into this for you and help get things resolved, I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.

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7: Helper



Many thanks for your private message. I followed your precise instructions.


I appreciate your assistance in this matter.

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7: Helper

I have an update.


After pestering Google to look deeper in this case, I received an email from Google pay support saying after an extensive search, they cannot find any transaction and requested I go back to Vodafone and ask for a correlation id. I went on Live Chat and was provided with more information. Turns out that the request for the transaction was made on 28th March and as I had no credit available then, it was only deducted when I had successfully topped up and had sufficient credit. I googled the actual description what the agent gave me  -PK_Google_GetProv B2B_Google  and it looks like it was a payforit request. I went on a website called which can check to see what services you are subscribed to and after inserting my mobile number and putting in a PIN number it said I was NOT subscribed to any service.


The Live Chat agent was extremely helpful and actually sent me a URL if I wanted to make a complaint about the charge and to go on this website - which say by law I was supposed to have received text confirmation of this charge and supposed to have text confirmation of this subscription I know nothing about from the company who have charged me. I have received NO texts at all about this from anyone and this concerns me greatly. I have no information who has charged me and why so struggling to know what to do next 


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If you've revceived a bill from us since you've started receiving these charges @ReedPR, the name of the company charging you will be listed on your bill next to the charge. You can view your bill online through your My Vodafone account.

If you're unsure on how to do this, check out our helpful video guide on doing this.

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7: Helper

Hi Mark,


I do not have the option of viewing past bills or downloading them as I'm assuming I am on PAYG. My only option is to go on usage breakdown which gives me this list of recent purchases made as you can see from this screenshot -



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7: Helper

I think I was right the first one - this must be an April Fools Joke on Vodafone's part.


Quick summary -


1)  £2.00 charge made for a purchase I never made on 30th March


2) First live agent says I bought Google Pro from Google Play making me spend 2 days searching for an app that didn't exist and disputing it with Google Pay.


3) Google Pay tell me to get correlation id for this transaction which I pass on request to second live agent who informs me that it was for a charge made on 28th March and gives me the wrong id as Google pay says it is not correlation id.


4) I request again with a third live agent for this is. This is only a small part of transcript of conversation because if I repeated in full it would literally blow your mind -


'Rahul : You subscribed for Google GetProv on Thu Mar 28 2019 18:04:04

Phil : I was told this but I believe it is a fraudelent charge not authorised by me so I dispute it. I went to Google to ask them what it was and who has charged me and they cannot help me any further without the correlation id for this fraudulent charge. Help me.

Rahul : I can assure you that £2.00 deduction is not for the Google GetProv on Thu Mar 28 2019 18:04:04

Rahul : You subscribed to free Google Pay service.

Rahul : £2.00 deduction was on 30/03/2019 which is not related to Google Pay service.

Phil : So what is the charge for? I am completely confused. I was told by Vishal that it takes two days for credit to leave account and now I'm being this is not the source of the £2.00 charge. What is going on?

Rahul : I can refund for £2.00 for you. the details are not showing for which service it deducted £2.00.

Rahul : It deducted your £2.00 on 30/03/2019 and the details are now showing for which service it deducted. 

The details of subscription showing on our system is for free Google service. This charge is not related to it.

Rahul : not showing

Phil : £2.00 I do not care about. I just want to know why I was charged and by whom. As I did not have credit on 28th March when this fraudulent charge was requested it would only come out my account when I topped up'


Well done Vodafone, your April Fools Joke was epic! 



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I'm really sorry for the experience that you've had @ReedPR.

I can see we've replied to your email to us earlier today - if you do have any further queries, please reply back to our email and we can assist further.

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7: Helper



I am grateful for your reply. I have received an email today from Raymond but that was with regards to the network glitch/vulnerability thread I created here and not in response to this.


As I say it is not the matter of £2.00 I am concerned about but the matter of being charged for a service I neither requested or want and I do have concerns that you have no records yourself to even confirm what this service is.


I have premium bars set up on my phone now but I am seeking clarification that this will not happen again to either myself or any of your other customers. Just having credit taken from you with no text confirmation and the fact your company does not even know why you took it concerns me greatly. 


Please get in touch with your social media team to email me about this so we can discuss this further in-depth.





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I can understand your concerns @ReedPR, both Natasha, myself and all the other Community moderators are part of the Social Media team here at Vodafone and would be happy to discuss your fears over these charges. Please reply to the email sent by Raymond and we'll investigate these for you. 

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7: Helper



I had an email response from John who was extremely helpful and explained exactly what happened and I have accepted the help offered. Basically it was a system glitch which charged me £2.00 because I had unused reward points! John put the £2.00 back on so an end to this saga. These things happen occasionally so no hard feelings from me.

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Thanks so much for the update @ReedPR, it's great to hear that John got everything resolved for you 😊 If you need any help in future, please don't hesitate to get back in touch here on the Community Forum.  

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