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Pay as you go

Catch 22

2: Seeker

If your phone is not working, because there is no service, so you want to go to your account to cancel this non-working service, before you can get to your account, it insists on sending a code to the non-working service.

So there is no way to receive the code being sent.

So therefore no way to access your account.

It helpfully suggests using the contact page, but this then provides only a busy cursor that is displayed forever.

This shows foreverThis shows forever



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12: Established

Yea it's a well know issue that effects everyone (Pay Go & Pay Monthly).


You can add a second number to the account that you can use to receive a code to login to the account, but for some account related changes the code must be sent to the primary Vodafone number. As you say, should the sim is blocked, lost, not available then you're stuck.

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2: Seeker

Thanks for that.


The situation is that I have a UK SIM, but I am in Belgium at the moment and for whatever reason, the supposed

cooperation between Vodaphone and the local network provider is not resulting in a working service.


There is no way to access the account as it seems to use the code check just to gain any access to the account.


It's hard to understand why Vodaphone leaves these long standing, well known issues unsolved and to provides no support, just an endless busy cursor on their contact page.

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Hey there @Kevinpaulmiles - I understand how important it is to keep connected, especially when abroad. How long have you been outside the UK?

Are you on a Pay Monthly or Pay as you Go?

We don't have account access over the forum, for us to be able to check your account could you please drop us a message on social media? Make sure to include a link back to this forum thread and your mobile/account number in your direct message to us

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