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Pay as you go

Control bar.

4: Newbie

I dont know if this is in the correct place but here goes.

When i recieve a text message from Vodafone offering me a free texts or calls if I reply saying FREETEXT as asked i get a message telling me i cant send because a control bar is on. Can i change this myself and if so how please?

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4: Newbie

I am getting texts from 49 503 offering freebes, is this genuine as i cannot reply to them, Message tells me control bar is in place. But which control bar is this?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Cazzy


You have a short code content bar on your PAYG account, this can be removed by logging onto your online account and going into your bar settings,


However, this is the short code to change your tariff to PAYG1, please see here: PAYG 1 and it is free to text back to a Vodafone short code, it might be worth you using live chat or calling Customer Services, they will be able to help.

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