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Pay as you go

CreditCard paument does not show up in account

2: Seeker

Hi, I topped up my credit by 20 GBP on November 3rd to make sure my "Big value bundle", which ends on November 18th, can continue. I expected that my "Big value bundle" would be automatically renewed if there was sufficient balance. However, I do not see any credit on my account, I also received an SMS in which vodafone indicates that it cannot be renewed due to no credit, which is therefore incorrect.

Can you give me clarification. 

Kind regards, 

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Hi @GJ_from_NL, if you've topped up £20 and not used the credit, you should either be seeing the credit on your Vodafone account or the £20 Big Value Bundle. As this is not the case, we would recommend that you speak to our Pay as you Go team on Twitter or Facebook so they investigate this. You can find the contact details here, just remember to include your Community username in the message 🙂

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