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Data problem.

2: Seeker

I bought a Vodafone mobile for £50 from Asda,as I am a Private Hire Driver,and needed a reasonable sized mobile phone,to be used mainly as a PDA for receiving jobs,and to use it mainly for this purpose,and for using as a Sat-Nav,when needed,if I am not sure where the passenger lives,and to make a very short phone call to any passenger if the ringback service,through the PDA did'nt work,which is a rare occurrance,so basically I would be using DATA rather using minutes up as a mobile phone,I topped up 3 times with £5 credit,within hours of using,as the data ran out quickly,but the office system uses very minimal MB's to work,and should use around 10-15 mb a week,according to the owners,found out it was other apps using the data,uninstalled apps I do NOT use,restarted the phone,but after topping up,and using the phone for just over a week,the data ran out again,and could'nt use the mobile as a PDA ? I had Minutes left,texts left,but NO Data ? Was going to use the £10 Data pack,but I should be able to use the £5 over 30 days instead,why does my data limit keep running out too quick ?

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17: Community Champion

I assume your using a smartphone @sandehuyton2001 ?

These phones use Data for all sorts from updating in the background for weather apps and social media apps like Facebook as an example for Location , updates and app updates etc. 

Check in your phones data monitor if it has one as as well as showing how much data has been used most also show what apps have used data. 

Having emails sent to the phone uses data too as well as the features your already using for your work. 

My advice is to think about a Big Value Bundle Which gives a minutes, Text and Data Bundle allowance dependant on which one you choose. 

Some helpful links >

Big Value Bundle.



Current Phone > Samsung Note9 _512Gb > Model: SM-N960 Duos.

Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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Community Champion (Retired)


You mention still having minutes and texts available, but data having run out, so presumably you have one of the Big Value Bundles - which one? Once the data in that has run out, you'll are just be running in basic PAYG mode, and paying the £2 daily data charge, which only buys you 50MB, and might not be sufficient for the usage you mention.

If you go to the settings section of the Play Store app, you should be able to set it so that apps won't update over mobile data., but that doesn't stop the assorted apps from using some data in the background.

There will be several apps that you haven't managed to uninstall, but there is the option to disable some of them. This has to be used with great care, as some may be needed for functions you do require, but there will be others that are clearly irrelevant to you.

I live in an area with very poor signal, so find it hard to estimate usage in better-served areas, but I'd guess that the £10 BVB might not be sufficient for your usage, and you might need the £20 version. If you want to swap, you'll have to ensure that you opt out of the present one before it renews automatically, then choose the one you need. You can get the £10 Data Extra to tide you over, but that also needs to be opted out of if you don't want it to renew automatically.

Can you talk to some of the other drivers, to discover how much data they're getting through, and the ways they've found to minimise it? The only time I've used a private hire car to get me to the airport, I was struck by the amount of data the driver must be using - I mentioned it, and he told me with some enthusiasm about the new deal he had just signed up to with his network. I can't remember the details now, but I think it was for a fair amount of data!

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