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Pay as you go

Data use by Vodafone app

2: Seeker

For some years I have had a mobile phone with a Vodafone payg sim to accommadate important inbound calls should I be on a call on my main mobile

I am investigating using 4G as my main home internet connection with a view to ditching the land line completely

I keep a credit of £10 on this sim for emergencies

Two days ago I opened the vodafone app and selected "check data and wifi speed"
The app states *Speed tests are free on your Vodafone UK network

After I initiated the test I was sent a message saying that I was using data and that I would be charged £2 a day

OK, I thought, £2 for testing the whole house at various times wasn't too bad

But then, after the first test, I was told I had reached my "daily allowance" and my credit was at £0

When I called Vodafone support (Egypt) I was told that the data test is not charged but that the Vodafone app, "like any other app" will use data

so BEWARE, using the vodafone app cost me £ 10 for around 40 seconds


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17: Community Champion

Hi @mikemike1000 


That certainly does not sound correct.


If you didn't have a Big Value Bundle the default tariff is PAYG 1 where you would have been charged £1.00 per day on the days where there was an outgoing activity. When you accessed the Application, the phone would have used a small amount of data out of the 50mb daily PAYG 1 allowance but the speed test wouldn't have come out of the allowance.


It may be that the phone was using data in the background and was installing some updates, but you certainly shouldn't have been charged more than £1.00.


I am sure you are in a good position to get this money returned to you, speak to the Social Team here Contact Us and they will have the necessary account access.



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2: Seeker

Thanks for the reply and I will contact them ....thanks


Vodafone took £2 for accessing data and all of the data was used by Vodafones's own app


100,000 MB  with GiffGaff  ...........  £20

496 MB of Vodafone's free test  .........  £23.50


vod 2.JPGvoda 1.JPG

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