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Pay as you go

Disgraceful service by Vodafone

4: Newbie

Called in to stop my auto renewal of a big value bundle, agent removed bundle instead meaning I lost £30 in essence. I queried this and they said they would listen in on the phone call, agent said it was my fault!


On listening to the call, she said it was clear that I phoned in cancel my auto renewal, at some point the agent must have misunderstood my request and when she said that I would lose my allowance etc. and I agreed, that that was enough to put the fault on my end. 


In my defence, I made it clear I didn't want the auto renewal to take place, I have done this previously with no issues whatsoever and got to keep my allowance till the end of the 30 days. When she said I would lose my allowance, I assumed she understood my request and that I would have no further allowance when this bundle expires. 


Now I have to escalate this to the ombudsman and I don't even care if it goes to a civil court. Vodafone continue to surprise me with quality customer service. 

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17: Community Champion

If this has been looked into im not sure how further Vodafone would move on this. 

Maybe a goodwill gesture to smooth things over. 

You could use Here and or let the Social Media Team here who read all posts catch up with your thread and they'll help you with this situation if they can.

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Samsung Z Fold³ 5G.

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Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860.

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4: Newbie

In all honest, I'm just venting. 


The supervisor just could not follow the logic at all and was grasping on one small detail to make her colleague sound correct, rather than looking at the bigger picture. 


I have put in a complaint in writing already and am awaiting a response. I posted this to let others aware in case they (which they will at some point) come across the same dire service I have experienced. 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @sputniknick


The advisor should not have cancelled your bundle and you should have been able to continue using the remaining allowance until the expiry date.


A quicker and easier way to opt out of auto renewal is by dialling 2345 from your phone and follow the prompts, this would also prevent misunderstanding by Customer Services.  You should also be able to opt out of auto renewal from your online account, though not quite sure where you will find the option but it should be somewhere under current usage, Big Value Bundles.


The best thing is to wait for one of the Team to pick this up and they will be able to see what has happened to the remaining time on your bundle and get this corrected to enable you to continue using the remaining time left on the bundle.

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4: Newbie


In it's simplest form: 


1) I called in asking to stop renewal

2) Agent misunderstands and does some stuff, tells me I will lose my allowance etc. 

3) I agree thinking she meant I would have no more allowance when bundle expires which would make sense since I am no longer paying for a bundle

4) Supervisor listens to call, does not dispute the fact I asked for the renewal to stop however states because I agreed I would lose my allowance, that the agent is not in the wrong and that this is my fault. 

What a joke. 

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13: Advanced Member

Yes, AnnS is right - never do it by speech if you can use an automated system instead! Both sides can be convinced they are talking about the same thing, but one side hears one thing, the other side hears something slightly different. We all know that, so it's pretty shocking that Vodafone's CS staff are so inflexible - clearly there was a misunderstanding, so why not put it right? Good vibes all round, instead of triggering a complaint.

The current route through my online account is to go to Services and Extras down the LHS of the screen, then choose Big Value Bundles and PAYG1, and you should see your current value of BVB, and an opt-out button; I used it a month or so back, and was asked to confirm that it was opting me out at the end of the 30 days, which was exactly what I wanted.

I'm sure the route through the maze changes from time to time, but the thing you want is usually hiding somewhere down the LHS of the screen.

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4: Newbie

Coincidentally, I had always used the online chat to do it as I'm not in the country much but for some reason decided to phone up this time around. 


Ended up getting a phone call from the compliance team just now who ended up refunding all the money owed to me.


This incident pointed out too many inaccuracies from pay as you go's systems and I was given far too much duff information by agents thinking they know what they're talking about. Nevertheless it's all sorted now. 



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@sputniknick I'm glad to see it's now all been resolved. 

I'd like to take the time to apologise for the experience you've had and if you do need help with anything else in the future, be sure to let us know 🙂

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