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Pay as you go

Enable my 4g please

2: Seeker

I’ve got a iPhone 8 and it’s the right model to use on Vodafone network on on pay and go 1 and does include 4g data  I’ve talked to online agents who gave me mobile data settings and LTE I’ve checked crovrage checker and I have 4g in my area swapped sims to test and it’s ok . To enable 4g I I need to contact Vodafone to activate 4g  so I did and it needs to be escalate witch has been done several times now and still I’m getting 3G and some times E and no 4g every  time I talk to online agents or 191 customer care I’m being taken around these circles again going back through data settings etc if any one knows how to get them just to activate 4g it on there end or any another solutions please let me know 

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16: Advanced member

@hunter2541 - We don’t want you to be going around in circles like this. We can check if 4G is set up on your account. For us to do this, please send us your details by following the instructions in this private message.

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