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Free data not added

4: Newbie

I topped up in the app last month after getting a text promising 1 gb of free data. This wasn’t added. Any idea why not? Reluctant to ring call centre since they messed up big last time I spoke with them about another matter


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

I apprecaite your reluctant to use Customer Services but they will be best placed to check your account. 

Live Chat can access your Account too. 

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4: Newbie

I think they've mucked this up slightly this month.....

I was due another 1GB yesterday but as the previous month's extra was still in place it couldn't be added. They gave me a £2 credit and are going to try again...hopefully today as it has now expired.


.......Vodafone forgot that February only has 28 days in it and the previous extra 1GB pack lasted 30 days!!.......


Let's see if it happens again in April as I have topped up £5 via the app today and have been promised another 1GB by 3/4/18....the present one (if I get it today) won't expire until probably the 5th April........:Fingers_Crossed:

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

Hopefully everything is going through smoothly for you @kdhuk 🙂

If you did need any further support with this, please pop us your details using the link in my private message

13: Advanced Member

I'm sure kdhuk is right that they overlooked the need to let the first bonus extra expire before adding the new one. Regardless of what it says in the terms and conditions, that rarely works. I certainly received two texts on the matter, the first of which must have been the result of panic - but the free £2 is very welcome!

Turns out I wasn’t eligible because I topped up with a voucher instead of debit card, even though the offer text didn’t make that necessity clear and was the same text offering the bonus as I had successfully responded to previously upon using a voucher. 

13: Advanced Member

Yes, the addition of the credit card requirement to the terms was less apparent than it should have been.

Well I'm still waiting for them to try adding it again.....Nothing added yesterday after the previous one had expired .

(I'm giving it another day then I might take up Alex's offer of a direct contact to intervene)

Received the1GB ok a couple of hours after my previous post :Laughing_Face:

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

@kdhuk Yay! Thanks for letting us know 😄