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Free data not added

4: Newbie

I topped up in the app last month after getting a text promising 1 gb of free data. This wasn’t added. Any idea why not? Reluctant to ring call centre since they messed up big last time I spoke with them about another matter


Of course, the true test will be next month, when we discover whether there is truly joined up thinking in the new improved Vodafone and the April extra is added on the 6th or 7th.......rather than the 3rd as advertised... Still,  another £2 credit is always welcome. :Smiley_with_tongue_out:

13: Advanced Member

What a shambles!

I was puzzled by your reference to the 3rd, as the terms of the offer referred to applying the 1GB by the 6th of the month. But I've just done my March top-up with a card via the app, and the acknowledgement says the April 1GB will be applied by the 3rd! There's also a link to the terms, which have been amended retrospectively to give the 8th as the target date. I guess they're trying to avoid having to give us all another £2 compensation when they miss the target of the 6th :Sad_face: - but why change the latest acknowledgement from the 6th (as last month) to the 3rd??

I confess I was a bit surprised when the offer came along. I'd overlooked the fact that February was a short month, but even so, having the same offer three months running was always going to be a problem, with the difficulty of lining up bonus extras. I assumed that Vodafone had found some way of fixing it, but it looks as though they had no idea that there was a problem. Expressions about parties and breweries spring to mind.

7th of April and extra free 1GB data not yet added....perhaps later today????

(This is the last month of the offer having topped up £10 in March)

13: Advanced Member

Not very impressive, is it?

My previous free 1GB didn't expire until the end of 5 April, so the promised activation of the new one by 3 April was always fanciful in the extreme. What possessed someone to make that change to the automated acknowledgement? Of course, they have changed the terms of the offer since last month, and now promise activation by the 8th of the month, so they've still got 36+ hours to figure out how to do it.


One aim of the offer was clearly to get more of us using the app for our credit card topups - yes, I've received the message, and rather reluctantly added a card to my account - but presumably there was a secondary aim of impressing us with Vodafone's generosity to its PAYG customers. Hmmm, for me the take-home message is more along the lines that Vodafone doesn't have a clue how its PAYG accounts actually function.

13: Advanced Member

They've done it! :Laughing_Face: Just received my SMS: Thanks for topping up using the My Vodafone app. We've added your 1GB of free data and it's now ready to enjoy for 30 days. And don't forget, whenever you need more credit, just open your My Vodafone app. Data for use in the UK and our Europe zone.

I think I prefer this month's message to the one received on 8 March: Just to confirm, we've now added your 1GB of extra data and it's ready to use. It's all thanks to super simple top ups with the My Vodafone app. Which, given the meal that they made of adding the 1GB for March, did seem a rather strange choice of wording.

Yep... Received mine yesterday. It just appeared on the app. No sms text notification at all.

Being postive about this... It's been a good offer which did actually work.......In the end.  So much better thsn what might have happened 2 years back when Vodafone were having much worse customer service difficulties.

13: Advanced Member

Yes, I'm probably letting my irritation get away a bit! It has been a good offer, but I suspect the problem is that the staff who implemented it took too literally the final point of - "Can I have more than one Loyalty Bundle on my account? Yes, you can have up to five Loyalty Bundles on your account at once." But there is some missing subtext - like PAYG Extras, you can only have one of any type at a time. For those who haven't tried it, it doesn't seem to work if you use Rewards Points to "buy" two overlapping identical loyalty bundles; your Points are deducted, but the second bundle doesn't show up, even once the first one has expired, though Live Chat retrieved the situation on the couple of occasions when I fell into the trap.