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Pay as you go

Friends and Family prblems

2: Seeker

hello, can anyone help me. im on vodafone family and they can all ring me but i cant ring them. somebody please help

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Scoobydoo132


Friends and family was discontinued for new opt ins from 5th June 2017 and the Group Leader should have received the following notification text.


"Hello. We wanted to let you know that from 05 June 2017 we'll be closing Vodafone Family. Don't worry, as an existing customer you'll be able to keep your current Family group. However after this date you'll no longer be able to make any changes to your group size or members. So if you're thinking of making any changes, please call 191 free from your Vodafone mobile before 05 June."


However, if this was an existing Group, you should still be able to make calls between the numbers.


The best thing to do is for the Group Leader to contact Vodafone,for clarification, live chat works well enabling a transcript of the conversation to be downloaded to keep for records.



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