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Pay as you go

Friends and family

1: Seeker

Hi. I have a group on friends and family pay as you go and for some reason one of the numbers is unable to contact any one else. The other numbers are fine. Confused as to why this is? Many thanks 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @TVL 


Vodafone retired family back in 2017. 


However,until you opt out it would be unlikely Vodafone are going to kick off customers already subscribing to the product but would find it impossible to make any changes or adding a dropped off number.  If, after all this time, you still have access to the service it is quite surprising, Vodafone would have been doing everything possible to discourage remaining customers on Friends and Family.


However, to compensate, Vodafone are offering a lot more your money when purchasing a Big Value Bundle.


If you are fortunate to still have use of the retired product, you would be unable to get any help from Vodafone where there is a problem.


There is further information here: How do I manage my Vodafone Family?



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17: Community Champion



Give Customer services a call on 191 or use Live Chat and they'll give you all the support available to them to try and sort this one way or another.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 

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