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Pay as you go

Help Needed Texting Spanish Mobile From UK

2: Seeker

Hi, I have a basic UK Vodafone android phone and am on a pay as you go big value bundle. I'm going to Spain soon but need to text a person over there from the UK beforehand. He is Spanish and has a Spanish mobile phone. When I text him, do I have to text 00 34 and then his mobile number, or will I have to text 00 34 then the local area code within Spain ( Barcelona) and then his mobile number? Likewise if I have to text or ring him while I am there, do I have to dial the 00 34 plus the area code, or just his mobile number? Also, will I have to pay for my texts and calls if I ring him while there, or will that be deducted from my minutes/texts on my big value bundle? Finally, would you recommend I keep my 'data roaming'  services switched on or off while out there? Many thanks.

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17: Community Champion

Using +34 followed by the remaining part of the number would work well but no reason for being unable to use 0034 @FruitJuice.   To text an overseas number from the UK you are going to need some extra credit, as far as I remember it's 24p for each text.


As far you your roaming is concerned as you are on PAYG, there are no extra roaming charges, just continue to use your BVB or credit the same way as at home, you are also able to call and text Spanish number without extra charges.  See the charge checker here for confirmation:  Charge Checker Further information here: Global Roaming 

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