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How can I contact Vodaphone UK by email? I keep getting an error when I try to post a payment.

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2: Seeker

I get this error every time I try to make a payment to 'top-off'  my account. 


We're working hard to fix the issue, so please try again later.: 500, RC45C0 - [Error ref 2e2]


I have tried 6 times since February 17.  Each time the charge shows up on my Visa account as pending but is never processed.  The bank says the issue is not at their end.

I have all the information ready to send to Vodaphone  via email but have no email address  Chat via the internet does not seem to be available.  I am not of the country and do not want to waste money on roaming charges.


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

There isnt an email address option @nikki1660 especially for billing and account access as youll need to pass security checks. 

Live Chat should work if you use a computer and leave the chat window open and an agent will connect when available. 

Try clearing your Browsers Cache and cookies. 

Look to > 


Edit > Can-I-top-up-automatically



Current Phone  >

Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra 512gb Phantom Black.



Thank you.  

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

@nikki1660 Did you manage to get in touch with our Pay as you go team? Have you tried the options that @AnnS advised, if so did they help at all?

If you're still having trouble and you'd like us to investigate further, I've popped you a private message over with details on how to get in touch.

This problem has been bothering me for some time.


Obviously I am based in Hong Kong and would like to continue to use Vodafone service while in the UK. I have exacly the same problem.


For credit card payment with my Hong Kong credit cards, no matter the payment went thru "Verified by Visa" or any "One Time Password" or simply went directly thru, fails every single time. I asked my banks and they said the problem is not at their end. I tried 4 cards and even paypal, the result is the same.


I think the problem lies at vodafone not accepting payments outside the UK.


2 alternatives are there to top up. First, use a third party site to add credit. I forgot the name of the site but a simple goggle and you can find it.


Second, the Vodafone app which you have to be installed in the UK. The app will get your phone number detail on local Vodafone network. I am now trying to get verified by 4G Data Roaming here in Hong Kong but seems to be not working. Once verified and credit card details are added to the app, top up is right at your fingertip. I got 2 UK phone numbers but only 1 number is bundled with the app but not the other. So I will get the app installed on my fiancee's phone while I am in the UK.


why dont vodafone simply allow foreign credit card payment?? It could save us a lot of trouble!!

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @chicken_hkg


You are trying to top up a UK PAYG phone, therefore the only way this can be the phone can be topped up from overseas is online using a UK registered debit or credit card.


With PAYG top ups being a high fraud risk, overseas banks will not authorise the transaction for a mobile top up to an foreign network, this is the same for all UK networks. Your card and account may be fine for an alternative overseas payment but not to an overseas mobile network.  You will probably find this is exactly the same for a Hong Kong network topping up using a UK card.

The bank has sent me successful credit card transaction SMS but Vodafone denys those payments.


For the the number I cannot top up by myself, I used ezetop to top up for me which is instant but involves a little charge which I find very fair.


I have successfully topped up my another number with my own registered credit card with the Vodafone app. That’s a relief for me. 

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @nikki1660



As you have posted on the PAYG board, I have read this with you being abroad trying to add credit to your PAYG phone by topping up online.  If you are having problems with your card, try topping up online with an alternative card.  If you still have problems, a friend in the UK card top up the phone on your behalf.  I always think an ATM machine works quick and well.


Live Chat can tend to get busy, if you leave the window open, as soon as an advisor is available, you will be able to get a connection.  However, not sure if they will be able to find the reason for Vodafone  not claiming the banking transaction from your card.



Thank you

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You could go to them