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Keeping mobile number

4: Newbie


I think I have lost my mobile phone with my normal SIM inside it. I now have another mobile phone with no SIM card inside it.

Is it possible, please, for me to keep my old number on this new handset? How would I go about that, please.

Many thanks

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17: Community Champion

Hi @SteveHigh 


You won't have any problems replacing the SIM with your lost number. The quickest way to get a SIM for the number is through a store, you will need to take some form of photo ID just to prove you are the account holder.


Follow this link:  How do I get a replacement SIM? 


If you had a reasonable amount of credit on your lost SIM, it would be worth contacting Vodafone, they will be able to bar the SIM and IMEI block your lost phone to prevent any unauthorised use.  The only problem you will then have is making sure Vodafone remove all barring from your account when you get your replacement SIM.

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4: Newbie

That's great, AnnS - thank you!



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