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Pay as you go

Lost credit and rude customer service advisor

4: Newbie
Absolutely fuming ! Having lost money before on my mothers mobile phone through the so called inactivity loop hole ! I changed the number, topped up with £10 credit ! I had to phone Vodafone immediately as without authorisation I was enrolled onto a monthly £10 big bundle ! After a call to customer care this was reversed and I was ensured no plan was active and credit was now just a use as you want but make sure a call is made every 4 to 6 weeks to keep active ! Today my mother needed to contact me urgently and for ease has a phone with an SOS button on and guess what !! Yep no credit ! I am so angry with Vodafone as at 82 years of age with ill health my mum carried that phone everywhere in case of a problem and needing help and today was left very upset and stressed as when she needed help she could not raise it !

Have tried to sort problem out with an advisor who quite simply was unhelpful and at time rude with their response and just told me that the £10 was added as a big bundle and unless I had anything in writing to prove it was changed basically hard luck !

I spend £120 on 4 pay monthly phones and have been a customer of Vodafone for 17 + years and I am extremely angry to the situation my mum was left in today and the rudeness of your staff and I will take this matter further

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17: Community Champion




I think I remember your post on the Payg usage inactivity issue. 


It sounds to me that the new SIM card had the Big Value Bundle pre installed on it.  But when the agent reversed what happened they should have opted you out. I'm wondering if their system has somehow then reversed that or the agent hadn't properly completed the request.


I understand they ensured you were now on the Payg tariff of choice. The freebie Payg tariff maybe. 


Anytime an agent has to log into an account I'm sure it must be logged, so therefore checked to support your timeframe. As I do not have access to Vodafones systems I cannot 100% confirm this. 


Phone calls , not all of them however, are recorded and retained for 60 days so you could ask for that to be checked  and listened back to.


Vodafone have a Code of Practice which allows a person to take matters further. Vodafone Code of Practice.


That said we do have official Vodafone Tech Teams here who read all posts and help where they can. Perhaps let them catch up with your thread and engage with you. 


I hope you reach a satisfactory resolution to this. 

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Community Champion (Retired)



I'm sorry to hear what has happened, and I do hope that you can get it resolved, as outlined by BandOfBrothers.


On a matter simply related to using the SOS facility on your mother's phone, can I offer something I realised while helping my elderly mother-in-law who was in a similar situation.


The SOS button on the phone is very useful for raising help very quickly, but, if it is set to call a family member or friend, it is dependent upon having credit and a signal from the network you have chosen, in this case Vodafone.


On the other hand, if the SOS button is set to dial 999, it will do so even if there is no credit, or if it is only another network which is available. Under Ofcom rules, all networks have to make their service available to any caller who dials 999.


I was recently able to check a friend's phone, who had let her number expire through lack of use - it was still offering the emergency call service, although the SIM was dead for all other purposes. Though I would stress that it was a relatively modern phone - it's possible that older phones, manufactured before Ofcom introduced its ruling, might not have this facility.

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@Jester-Joe So we can look into this, please follow the steps in the private message I've sent to you. :smileyhappy:


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