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Pay as you go

Making contact with vodafone about invalid sim?

2: Seeker

My PAYG phone is showing invalid sim. Presumably this is because it's been too long since I made a charged call. I'd like to query this with vodafone as I believe I have made a call within the last six months. However, it's proving impossible to contact vodafone. The only vodafone phone I had now has an invalid sim, and I'm unable to find a working live chat anywhere on the vodafone website. The supposed live chat on the main 'contact-us page is stuck at 'Loading, please wait.' This from several attempts using different devices and browsers. Can you please advise how I can speak or webchat chat to someone? 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @david101 


It is advisable to make an outgoing activity or top up within a 90 day period.  When the SIM had not been used for 90 days Vodafone would have sent a text message reminder to use the service.


I would recommend speaking to the Social Team for account access here: Contact Us 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @david101 


If you can't use another person's phone with a Vodafone sim card in and dial 191 then dial 0333 3040191 and ignore the prompts to input your mobile number and you'll then get passed to an agent.

They'll access your account and check for activity and if they can re activate the number.

When a number is deactivated a person typically has another 90 days to try and get it assigned back to them.

I wish you all the best with this. 

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