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Pay as you go

My quest for a NUC code for my Vodafone Platinum 7 from Vodafone!

4: Newbie

I have spent nearly 2 months and many hours on the phone to the Pay as you go team, all around the world, to obtain a network unlock code for my phone.


The complete ineptitude of the unlock team defies belief.


11 requests for a NUC, 1 by me via the internet and the other 10 by the PAYG team.


Lots of apologies and escalations which do nothing to get me a NUC code for my phone. On my last call to the PAYG team yesterday I decided enough was enough. I called and requested a 'letter of deadlock' as my nerves can take no more of this incompetence.


It does not surprise me that Vodafone, in the U.K. ,has been ranked the worst service provider for the last 4 years.

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4: Newbie

I know what you mean, if a companies value was placed on their level of incompetence and sheer stone walling customer services then Vodafone would be the most valuable company in the World.


I have spent 2 months just trying to get a copy of the NUC from them. I have spent hours on the phone repeating the same thing time and time again. I wait for the result from the NUC team only to be given the same old excuses, 11 requests and 11 lame excuses.


NUC team, if it even exists, does not read any of the updates to the persons account. When a customer services person says they are going to escalate the matter it most probably means that they are just going to have a tea break after they finish the call with you.


I have never had to deal with such incompetence and blatant stone walling as I have had to endure from Vodafone. In my opinion it is an absolute aweful company who has no wish to put the customer first, second or third.

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17: Community Champion



wow im.not surprised your frustrated at this. 


We have a Vodafone Team on the forum that can help people too. Please let them catch up with your thread. 




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I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.


For anyone else with the same issue, please contact customer service.



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4: Newbie

DEMAND TO BE DEALT WITH BY CUSTOMER RELATIONS ON 01635 33251, FORCEFULLY REQUEST THEY "MANUALLY UNLOCK" YOUR PHONE. Yes, they actually have a procedure to unlock your phone without a NUC code needed. (Note, I have an Android phone, this post my not be correct for iPhones, BUT, save time by going to the top complaints team and be forceful).
I provide this info to allow customers facing the same distress, wasted hours and bottom-level support to achieve a legal resolution with no further issues to themselves.
Heres a bit more detail to the above:
Had a similar issue trying to leave Vodafone (still ongoing). This after a year of mis-billing, contract issue (Vodafone decided to give me a new contract but then billed me nearly £500 for their inability to fix my previous contract (I cancelled my direct debit fortunately - after many hours Vodafone admitted their fault and stopped trying to take the £500 from me), and occasionally cutting off my service without any notice.
Back to the NUC issue. After many hours, complaining, passed around and eventually threats of legal routs (Ombudsman, Watchdog, Ofcom, legal representation) I may have finally been offered a completely new solution.
Spoke to Customer Relations Dept opn 01635 33251. Spoke to Nadine Brown who now informs me Vodafone will perform a "manual unlock". This will be done by Vodafone, will not require any action from me and should allow me to use my other provider's SIM card.
I suggest you skip any other form of customer support (I've spent hours doing so and just get given "wait for another 48 hours sir..." then followed by the same non-working NUC code. And the loop goes on.
I am waiting to see if this works, but I made myself very clear on the actions I'm willing to take and this appears to have had the desired effect.
One wonders why not one customer services person (Complaints Dept, Consumer Resolutions Dept, Complaints Dept, NUC "team", Technical Support, In-store staff etc) had ever offered me this option. Any why I took every conceivable threat to get someone at Vodafone to release me.
I'm naturally going to go through the Ombudsman, I'm requesting all audio recordings, all history on my file, and had resorted to making my own audio recordings of my phone calls to Vodafone in an attempt to seek a fair and just punishment / compensation etc.

Wonder if ANYONE at Vodafone will update the internal polcies and begin offering all customers this option???? As future customers get the same problem, at least this post is reference (along with others Im posting to) that Vodafone altered NOTHING internally - instead deciding to continue causing issues for their customers that could be avoided very easily.

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4: Newbie

OK, so I took the bait and replied to the Tech team, who requested my account details to access my vfone account and sort this mess out.

That was on the 17/03/17 and on the 19/03/17 I receive a message from Carly in Social Media Comms stating:-


"As your full name isn't registered on the account, we're unable to complete full security.

You'll need to visit your local vodafone store with some identification so we can update this.




Carly Social Media Comms"


I went online to my vfone account, which also requires a code that is sent to my REGISTERED mobile on my account, to access my details.


On checking my details, both my name and full address plus the e-mail the vfone have been sending me messages is on MY account.


I had enough of vfone's incompetence before they had requested to help resolve the matter on the 17/03/17. I have replied to the message of the 19/03/17 from Carly with the following :-


Either 'Manually Unlock' my phone or send me a 'LETTER OF DEADLOCK'


I do not have either the patience nor the inclination to deal with this incompetence anymore.


My next, or any other mobiles I buy in future will certainly not be a vphone.









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We do need to pass full security checks before we can enter your account. 


We'll be in touch as soon as we reach your email, to help further.

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4: Newbie

And the saga continues ---- After over 2 months of hassle from vodafone I had had enough. I requested a LETTER OF DEADLOCK, so I could pursue vodafone's unwillingness to unlock my phone with other groups.


I was contacted on this forum, as you can see, with the goal of resolving this issue. After several communications with vodafone's SOCIAL MEDIA COMMS department. I was advised the issue would be fixed - I insisted that they activate a MANUAL UNLOCK of my phone that does not require the NUC and or user intervention.


I received an e-mail from 'Matthew' from the Social Media Comms department on the 21st March 2017 at 10:12 hrs. He informed me that:-


Hi Philip,


We've raised a manuel, their spelling, unlock request for you.


This can take 72hrs to go through but we'll aim to resolve this as soon as possible.


We'll contact you again to let you know when it's been done.



Social Media Comms



It is now the 24th March 2017 at 11:06hrs and the phone is not unlocked (I checked with a different provider sim) also no communications from vodafone at all.


I take it that they are not going to unlock the phone and have for the 3rd or 4th time, I forget how many times I have requested it, a LETTER OF DEADLOCK.


Vodafone you get the ultimate award for telling your customer's were to go from me.









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4: Newbie

So the Tech team merely fobs you off to the social media comms dept who do nothing more than pass the issue back to the NUC team.


End result same reply that I have had the last 5 times from them  -


They say the phone is unlocked and to put a different sim in and 5 times the PAYG team has gone back to them to say that the customer has tried this with multiple sims from different providers. The outcome is always the same the phone states:-



This device is locked to s specific network.

Contact your service provider for (NO) PIN to unlock.


The phone is locked to Vodafone. How many times do I have to tell you that the phone is locked and I do not have the code. NUC have already stated the code has been supplied, but the code was never put in the phone.


The NUC dept has been advised 5 times by PAYG team that I require a code as I do not have it. If the code has already been supplied why are you making it so difficult to supply me with a code to unlock the phone.


These are the excuses from the NUC team for each request:-


1st req - IMEI incorrect (after the intial request I was unable to perform it again due to vodafones fraud policy)


2nd req by PAYG team after validating  and advising the NUC team by e-mail of this fact - IMEI incorrect


3rd req by PAYG team - IMEI incorrect


4th req by PAYG team - don't know model and make - this was on the original req for an unlock code and on all subsequent e-mails from the PAYG team to NUC.


5th req by PAYG team - phone unlocked put a different sim in.


The PAYG team advised the NUC team by e-mail that this has been done several times by the customer with multiple service provider sim's. The phone is locked to Vodafone. The customer is aware that the manufacturer has supplied an unlock code, but as he is not the original owner and the code was never input into the phone. The customer requires the code to unlock the phone.


6th req by PAYG team   -  as 5th

7th req by PAYG team   -  as 5th

8th req by PAYG team   -  as 5th

9th req by PAYG team   -  as 5th

10th req by PAYG team -  as 5th

11th req by PAYG team - as 5th


Now Tech team gets involved who passes it on to the Social Media Comms who just fob it off to the NUC team. They are supposed to do a manual unlock on the phone that Vodafone themselves can do without the need for the NUC code to be inserted by the customer. Did that happen, NO --- even after waiting the 72 hours it supposedly can take. Nothing I had to get back in touch with the!


So the end result of the Tech team getting involved and fobbing it off to the Social media Comms whio fobbed it of to the NUC team was this:-



YES, you guessed correctly:-


From Jordan, Social Media Comms


Hi Philip,


After checking this, it's showing that the handset is unlocked.


Please restart the handset again and try a different sim card in the device.


Sorry for any inconvenience caused.





Social Media Comms.


I will now be taking this through the oumbudsman service as I believe Vodafone are willfully stopping me from unlocking my phone to other networks.










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4: Newbie

Fellow customer - it looks like nothing changes for the better in Vodafone.

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Apologies this hasn't been resolved for you.

As we're unable to discuss account queries on the Vodafone Community page, please reply back on the email thread.


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4: Newbie

So I decided to make a complaint via the CEO e mail to Nick Jeffery  on the 24/03/17. In return I received a quick response that it would be looked into although since then things have gone down hill.


25/03/17 I receive an e-mail from Eddy Robinson who states he tried to contact me without success, but would contact me on the Monday following.


27/03/17 Monday morning I contacted Eddy Robinson's dept and spoke to someone who said he was unavailable. I advised them not to phone me on the phone that had the unlock issue as I had no credit and was unable to pick up the voice mails. Instead I requested they contact me on another mobile number, which they said was not a problem.


Later that day I receive a voice mail from the Director dept on the phone at issue!


28/03/17 Tuesday - other than the voice mail on the phone at issue, which I cannot pick up I have recieved no other communication from them. I phoned the dept back in the morning and repeated that they need to call me on the number I gave them yesterday and not the phone at issue. The person repeated the number they had from the conversation yesterday, which was correct. I also requested a status update and supposedly it is in the hands of a specialist from the, yes you guessed it, N.U.C back office team!


I have also repeatedly, over several days, replied via e-mail to Eddy Robinson's original e-mail to request he corresponds via said e-mail account. As of today the Wed 29/03/17 I have had no contact/correspondence from him other than a voice mail I am unable to access from earlier in the week.


I had hoped that this last avenue would produce a copy of the NUC code to allow me to enter it on my phone when I placed a non vodafone sim in it, but alas it may seem this has been a fruitless excercise as well.


I will give it until this weekend and if I do not receive an unlock code to enter into the phone I will get the reams of paperwork/e-mails and contact the oumbudsman service.







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4: Newbie

Tech team, what possible reason would there be to contact your team again. All you did was pass the issue back to the NUC team who repeated the same excuse as the last 5 or so requests.


That being - put a sim from another provider in/ the phone is already unlocked!


If you bothered to actually read my vodafone account notes you would see that on at least the last five request ( of the 11 or more requests submitted) for an unlock code, placed by the PAYG team, they have stated that I have already placed multiple sims from different providers in the phone and all give the same result, THAT IS --------------------->


The phone states - NETWORK LOCKED




My request is for a copy of the NUC so I can enter it into the phone. 


I am at a loss as to why vodafone is being so inept in this request other than they do not want to unlock it, but don't have the backbone to actually say it to me.

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We want to get everything resolved for you.


If you've sent us an email, let us know the reference number (#123456) from the automated reply and we'll check what's happening with your issue.

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4: Newbie
Now you are just having a laugh at my expense.

You do not listen and you certainly are not competent to perform this simple request to supply a code to allow me to leave this aweful company.

I am not surprised you were fined millions of pounds last year for poor customer complaints handling.

You just repeat the same old dross.....the phone is unlocked, put a different sim my vodafone account notes and actually do your job for once.
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Moderator (Retired)




Have you sent us an email as advised? We'll gladly help with your query.

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4: Newbie

Sarah_T, I'm afrid you won't.


You already investigated, I use the word 'investigate' lightly, the issue of vodafone's inability to obtain a copy of the nuc code (or as I specifically requested a 'manual unlock'  by your dept that was totally ignored) to insert into my phone to allow it to be unlocked for other provider sims.


How many times would you 'glady help' me, only to state the phone is unlocked and merely requires another provider sim placed in the phone?


Having to deal with vodafone reminds me of a book I read in infant school titled 'The Doldrums'.


If i wanted someone to repeat the same thing to me time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time, sorry I'm repeating myself - I would buy a parrot!


The matter is currently with the director complaints dept, although not much has happened in the last 7 days since my complaint to them. I am surrently awaiting a resolution to what has been nearly 3 months of my wasted time and effort to merely have a simple process actioned by vodafone to UNLOCK my phone.


I will update this thread as and when ANYTHING happens, sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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4: Newbie

Still waiting.


How loooooonnnnnnggggggggggg does it take to perform a simple MANUAL UNLOCK/ supply n.u.c. code by Vodafone on a Vodafone Smart Platinum 7?


Obviously, at least 3 months or so, if ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@yoghurtbrain Sorry to hear this has not yet been resolved. 


As advised, we're unable to access customer accounts through the Community. Therefore we'd need you to reply back to our last email, for us to be able to offer further help with your query. 


Someone will be looking into your complaint and will be in touch, as soon as possible. 


If there's anything else we can help with, please pop over an email and let us know.

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4: Newbie
Colleen, tech team, I have already given the tech team the opportunity to resolve this issue.

You came back and just repeated the same old lame excuse that the phone is already unlocked.

You don't even read the notes on my account because if you did you would not just repeat the same excuse that I have been given the last 6 times.

How about engaging your brain first and actually resolve this issue.
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