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Pay as you go

New PAYG Phone/SIM - can make but not receive calls or texts

2: Seeker

Writing on behalf of my mam who has just bought herself a new Nokia 130 and a Vodaphone PAYG SIM card.


I tried to activate it for her earlier today and followed instructions:- inserted the SIM card, bought some credit and tried to make a chargeable phone call. 


I've made calls and texts to several people on different networks and gotten through to all of them but NOT ONE person has been able to phone or text me. They always get a message that the number is incorrect or invalid or inactive.


Help on Live Chat was... unhelpful. And I've tried restarting the phone.


Does it take a while for it to be activated or is this some kind of fault?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Marsh85


If this glitch has not self resolved by now.....

I'm assuming that you have not brought a mobile number from another Network to use on Vodafone ?

If not then if this issue does still exists and it affects all incoming calls and texts then I would first suggest to try manually choosing another network in the phones settings and then re choose Vodafone.

If that does not help by refreshing the connection and this is happening everywhere she goes i.e its not a local mast issue then please try the sim in another phone. 

Customer Services on 191 can check the account and jump start it. 

Ultimately if this was me with it being payg and so new i'd contemplate getting another new Payg SIM card and start again. 

If you speak with Customer service they may then credit the new sim card to compensate you regarding the first top up. 

Best place to get a sim card is a Vodafone High street Stores as they'll activate it for you and have you up and running normally before you leave the shop. 

Current Phone  >

Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb Phantom Black.



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@Marsh85 It's really disappointing to hear that your mums SIM isn't receiving calls; it's strange that you're able to make outbound calls but not take any inbound.

As @BandOfBrothers said, have you ported in a number from another network onto this SIM? If so, this could be a porting issue that we can escalate to our Porting team.

We'll be happy to investigate further for you - so we can do this I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.


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