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New Solutions for Getting a SIM Outside of the UK?

1: Seeker

I'm travelling from Honolulu but spending a few days in Paris before going on to London and Dublin. I would love to have a Vodafone UK SIM for the duration. But the last time I checked, that was not an option as the SIM would have to be activated in the UK and Vodafone would not send it to an address outside the UK. (Or one would have to resort to dubious eBay vendors)

Has this situation changed? Are there any work-arounds? I really don't relish going with a French carrier for the entire trip. Nor do I want to have to mess around with changing SIMS when I could be seeing the sights!

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17: Community Champion

I’m afraid not @icashootnstar

The only solution would be is if you know someone in the Uk who can pick one up, activate it and sent it onto you. 

That said there are plenty of Vodafone Highstreet Stores and discount £1 stores that carry Vodafone Uk Payg SIM cards. 

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Community Champion (Retired)


As you say, there are some dubious options for buying a SIM to be sent to you. The big problem is activating the SIM when not connected directly to the Vodafone UK network - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, or only works partially. There are reasonably frequent posts on the forum from people who have acquired a SIM in the UK, but taken it abroad before activating it, and find that it only works partly - make calls but not receive them, and such like. So Vodafone isn't just being difficult - there are good reasons for not sending nonactivated SIMs abroad. 

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