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Pay as you go

New sim with old number not registered on network

1: Seeker

I just bought a new pay as you go Vodafone sim from shop. I kept my old Giffgaff number. My Giffgaff sim is still working and when I put the Vodafone SIM, it says not registered on network. They said I would be able to keep my old number after the weekend. I also had to make emergency international calls so I chose a data package on Giffgaff (after requesting the PAC code) is it the reason that my old number is still working on Giffgaff. How do I start using the new Vodafone sim 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @MariamM


Did the vodafone shop activate the Payg sim card ?

Has Vodafone used your Pac from Giffgaff to move your number to the Vodafone Sim and when did this happen please ?

Porting does not process over a weekend. 

Some further advice in...




Customer services will be able to help and guide you. 

Vodafone - contact-us.


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