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No incoming calls or texts after porting number

2: Seeker

No incoming calls or texts after porting number from three to Vodafone, i need help cos i have kids at school and im at work and cant recive any calls 

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17: Community Champion



When was your porting in date ?

Please take into account porting does not occur/ complete over a weekend usually. 

If your port in date has been some time then please ring 191 and ask them to check if your account has been affected by a Split Port. 

Current Phone > Samsung Note9 _512Gb > Model: SM-N960 Duos.

Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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16: Advanced member

Your port date will be the following working day for PACs submitted before 15:00 and should be completed by close of play on that day. If you posted this thread on your porting date then hopefully you were just in the middle of the process and things are now OK. 

If not, and you still have split service then call Vodafone and ask to speak to the porting team. Explain the problems and they'll get your port fixed for you.

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@Engineer727 If you're still experiencing issues with receiving calls and texts, please follow the information provided in the private message I've sent to you.

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