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Pay as you go

Not impressed with level of service

4: Newbie

Hi there,


Been with Vodafone about two years now and this is my second phone and phone number with them.


My first phone left a lot to be desired had no end of trouble getting a signal so decided to get a new phone 2 weeks ago.


Since then I have had repeated conversations with the live chat team and 191 team to the point I know pretty much all of them.


All I have wanted to do is set up iou and make the teams aware I wasnt receiving security code texts and all assure me they have sorted this out. 


On one occasion I asked a live chat member to confirm whether or not I was on iou as it was not showing on my vodafone app and he ended up taking it off!


After about 11 days and at least 9 separate requests, iou was finally set up and i was using it. As i wasnt still receiving security code texts to access plan usage online, I requested a live chat agent to look into this. They then end up resetting my phone number and thus now Vodafone thinks im a new customer who has not topped up so I have not got iou and started the ball rolling again asking the live chat team to set it up. As you can imagine this is getting extremely tiresome. If every agent says they have sorted these problems then what is it the other ones have done who claim the same?


Apologies for the rant but as i tend to top up at least 5 times a month, I believe I deserve better than this.

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17: Community Champion

Personally I've not used the Vodafone iou option so cannot comment on how well it worked and to be honest I'm not up for paying 45pence service chatge back for using it !

As you seem to have exhausted the usual customer service avenues perhaps let the Vodafone Social Media Teams here catch up with your thread and they'll help you with this situation.

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Samsung One Ui  / Pie.


Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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@ReedPR I'm really sorry to hear you've had this experience with us regarding your account and we'd love the opportunity to turn this around for you. So we're able to do this and get things sorted, I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch with us.

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4: Newbie

Hi Loz,


I have finally got this sorted by calling 191 again. The agent admitted there had been mistakes made and I have received an apology and the iou set up successfully. Suffice to say I am happy with the outcome now. Mistakes can be made by anyone so there are no hard feelings from me.


I am actually impressed with how this has been dealt with now.


Thank you both for your messages and support.



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@ReedPR Thanks a lot for letting us know it's now sorted Phil. Let us know if you have any further queries. 

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