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Pay as you go

Not receiving incoming calls and texts

2: Seeker


I have just got a new payg sim and installed it on an Iphone 5s. I have topped up and can make calls and send texts but unfortunately cannot receive any. If i phone my new number from another phone all i get is 'you have dialled an incorrect number". Vodaphone help have been no help and have said i need to get a new sim but i am doubtful this will sort it. 

The phone was being used on talk mobile/vodaphone previously and was working fine so it not sure what to do next?


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17: Community Champion

Hi @ChrisPan


If this is a new SIM, it may not have activated correctly.  Follow the link below, this should get your SIM fully activated.


Activate PAYG SIM


Unless you have already done, try synchronising to itunes, this will download the carrier settings for your data use.


If you still have issues, it will need account access, this can be done by contacting Customer Services on 191 or using live chat.

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16: Advanced member

It sounds like you're porting your number into Vodafone. If this is the case and today is your porting date then fingers crossed it was simply a case of you're in the middle of the process and all was OK by the close of the business day.

If your porting day has passed and you're still having this problem then you need to call Vodafone, ask to speak to the porting team and have them check this out for you.


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@ChrisPan Are you still experiencing issues after following the advice provided? 

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