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Number Porting Issues

2: Seeker

I have a suspicion that my mobile number has either been stolen or adopted in one of the following ways.

Using an address translation table that substitutes another number to the world thus ghosting me, adopted by someone else's home address and thus not my account and personal home address.

Or finally moved to another network but shadowed on Vodafone with the network providers consent without my knowledge.



Because I can not verify my number on my AOL email account, I have a history of interfence on the data side that forced me onto an Alcatel OneTouch with no data and my account has also had problems with it's history.


Marriage or partnership by mobile phone or computer is both the sale of a british passport which is illegal like selling London Bridge but I have a suspicion that is what is going on. I am and have been single after my divorce since 2003 but also homeless for the last 6 years!


Anybody else had this problem which might not be specific to Vodafone.


Don't rule out paranoia from homelessness but that's what it does to you!

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17: Community Champion



Any type of identity theft is an awful situation. 


My eldest had this happen to him and had his bank account taken over and used without consent. 


If a person believe that they are a victim of fraud then they should contact customer services. 






Vodafone and help with Fraud.



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