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Old customer, now returned but account still in process and cannot log into my Vodafone

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi, I was with Vodafone in 2022, then ported my number to O2 for a year, have now ported number back to Vodafone.

Port was successful and was done on Friday, all working.

I did think it was strange that I had not heard from Vodafone, so I contacted them and said I need a pin.

I explained I have had no information from them.

They said I would need to go to nearest shop to present ID.

Anyway after many calls, I now have a pin. After doing a reset and providing ID.

when they access my account ( because I still can’t), it says it is still in process.

I now have a user name and password and it still says there is a problem.

I can still log into my old account, so after reading that it might be due to that, I changed my email and phone number in it.

Still unable to access my new account.

Can anyone please help with this?, as I think it will not resolve on its own.

Thank you



Hey @NicNew I hope you're doing well. We will need access to your account in order to look into this for you and get it sorted. As we have no account access on the Forum, please reach out to the Social Media Team here so they can help. 

Hello Steph, I have sent the message to Vodafone via Facebook, is that the same link?

Thank you

That's right @NicNew Thanks for reaching out to the team, they will get this all looked into for you. 

Hi Steph, thank you, Monali has got in touch with me. 

That's great, thanks for letting me know @NicNew