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Pay as you go

Pay As You Go Bundles

4: Newbie

You are thieves. You owe my wife £20. My wife put £10 on and it vanished. She went into a shop (in Tiverton) to be told the internet was on and had used her creidt. It was not, I set it beforehand. So they said they had fixed it and so she put another £10 credit on it. It vanished. She had not used the phone and data and Wifi was OFF.


I was told by my local Voda shop that she had been put on a bundle, and if she didnt use it, she lost it - THIS IS THEFT. And I have informed a relevant source of this.


I threw her sim away and got her a cheap sim only contract with another company. When my own contract id up, I will be following suit. Vodpahone can go to hell. Another con is overseas charges. I will deal with that is a sep post


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17: Community Champion




If the payg tariff is the Big Value Bundle then the allowances you get from this last 30 days which is common across most uk networks. 


Any unused minutes and texts are lost. Regarding data if you meet the criteria then it will roll over for one more month. 


A person tops up and the credit is used to pay for these allowances. 


The other payg tariff is the freebies which again it's allowances last 30 days but with the freebie your Credit isn't taken to pay for the allowances. So if the allowances rum out before the 30 days is up you can then use the credit. 




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