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Pay as you go

Pay as you go

2: Seeker

Hi :Smiling: 

Can anyone please tell me how I can put a big value bundle on my Vodafone phone without it going onto the pay as you go 1 thing?

The last time I bought a £10 bundle it went onto pay as you go 1 instead and that wasn't enough data for me.

I hadn't used my phone on the network for quite a while before that, I suppose that's why it did that.

But is there a way that I can use a big value bundle with the several GB's of data anyway even though I haven't used it for a few months? 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Adora 


Once a Payg tariff has been chosen it would stay on that tariff.

What we find sometimes is that when a person tops up then £1 is taken off their Credit meaning their Big Value Bundle won't kick in. This is typically because of no allowances being left so the £1 a day Payg1 rates kicks in.

 If your Big Value Bundle expires and you don't renew it, or if you remove your bundle early, you'll be charged Pay as you go 1 rates

The way round this is to turn Off Mobile Data in their phone's settings before topping up.

Also making sure enough account credit is available so the BVB renews is the best way.

More support is in …

How-can-I-buy-a-Big-Value-Bundle.  and How-do-I-change-or-renew-my-Big-Value-Bundle. 

Be aware that not making any activity on your account such as calls , texts , data use or topping up every 180 days can lead to the account being terminated.


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