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Pay as you go

Porting Frustration

2: Seeker

I have had a PAYG phone with you for about 5 years and decided to move to a pay monthly contract so bought a Sim only deal in your January sale. I wanted to keep my number so filled out the online porting form and recieved an email telling me that my number would be ported on 3rd Jan. Unfortunately this did not happen so I phoned customer service and was told to wait another 24 hours. After 24 hours I phoned again and was put through to the porting team and asked if I'd been sent a PAC code, I said that I haven't received any communication from Vodafone at all and was told 'no problem, we will generate the code and port the number now'. After being put on hold for 10 mins, I was told that there was a problem and my case would need to be escalated to a 'super user', the advisor said that it shouldn't take any more than 24 hours to resolve and they would send me an email with the PAC code and then to phone back and she would port my number straight away. At this stage I was still rather naive so believed what I was being told and waited patiently for the email, after a couple of days I phoned again and after explaining my situation to numerous advisors I was told that it was still being worked on and will be sorted soon. The next day I recieved an email from Vodafone which I gleefully opened expecting my elusive PAC code, but no, it was just a notification that they had billed me for this months SIM only payment, the SIM contract that I can't even use yet! After many phone calls to different advisors and hours spent on the phone I am still being told exactly the same thing, 'there is a problem and we are working to resolve it'. It is now almost a month from when my number was originally supposed to be ported and I am at the end of my tether, I'm paying for a contract I can't use as well topping up my PAYG but to be fair after my last conversation I was given some free data and calls to use. The ironic thing is that I would just cancel both contracts but without a PAC code I can't even leave Vodafone for another network! I am utterly astounded at the incompetence of what is supposed to be a leading telecom company, the main function of the support team seems to be to tell you what you want to hear just to get you off the phone, basically they just lie to you. There is never a manager available to talk to and even when I have ranted and raved and finally got to speak to one they just say there is nothing they can do except maybe offer some free texts as compensation! Oh, just remembered too, on top of all this, the SIM only deal that I bought in the sale, Vodafone tried to bill me full price! My advice to anyone reading this is to steer well clear of Vodafone and if you are already unfortunate to have a contract with them, lets just hope you've had a better experience than me.

Hopefully somebody from Vodafone who is able to help may see this but I doubt it!

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@simjoso - This isn’t a good journey that you’re having, with moving over from Pay as you go to Pay monthly.

I’m sorry that you’ve had to contact us so many times. We can help and look into what’s stopping the PAC from being generated.

Please send us your details by following the instructions in this private message.

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