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Pay as you go

Reactivate temporary number on PAYG

1: Seeker

Hi all,


Today I successfully transferred a pay as you go number to my main Vodafone pay monthly contract. All went well with this, so overall I'm happy, and this is how I want to leave things with my contract. I did have the "temporary" number on my pay monthly contract for a while though, and it's possible a few people/services may still have it.


Would it be possible to re-activate the "temporary" number from my old contract onto a PAYG SIM card? I understood that it would be disconnected as part of this process, but I'm hoping that I can catch it before it gets reallocated. The transfer completed today so it shouldn't be too deep in the system. I have another new PAYG SIM here that I'm happy to activate to get the old number onto.


No big deal if not, would just be reassuring in case I forgot to tell someone/update it. I also understand I'll need to keep the PAYG SIM active if this is a success.


If this is possible, could a Vodafone rep please get in touch, and I'll provide the details in a PM.





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17: Community Champion

Hi @jgtimps


When you transferred your PAYG number to your main contract, it would have overridden the number you were using immediately cancelling the number on the contract. 


With it being a previous contract number, now cancelled, it would be unlikely Vodafone would be able to put the number on a PAYG SIM.  The number would also need to be put on a plain blank PAYG SIM card without an added number and that is generally used when requesting a SIM swap for the same number.


However, it won't do any harm asking Vodafone, if you use live chat or call Vodafone, they will be able to advise accordingly.

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Hi @jgtimps@AnnS is spot on regarding your query. We're more than happy to double check to see if we can do this for you.  I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.

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