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Pay as you go


2: Seeker

Just had a question about our of U.K. usage. I’ll be studying and working abroad in Switzerland from the end of January to the end of May. I’ll be in the U.K. though before I leave and want to get a Vodafone plan to use and just wanted to get some clarification on the roaming time limit. I’ll be traveling back to the U.K. every couple of weeks for a few days (weekends mostly) for business, but the majority of my time will be spent in other EU countries. I know that due to the fair use policy that there’s a limit of 2 out of every 4 months must be spent in the U.K., but does that mean 60/120 days or just being in the U.K. at least once every 2 months (I’ll be there at least once a month). Is this a policy that is strictly enforced and what are the repercussions of breaking it? I’d be fine with my service getting cut off until I returned to the U.K., but I’d just be concerned about my credit score being affected. Thanks!

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13: Advanced Member

You've posted in the PAYG section, but your worry about your credit rating suggests you're on a contract.

I'll leave it to someone else to comment re Pay Monthly, but for PAYG the best answer would probably be to switch to a lower value Big Value Bundle (or even PAYG1 if your usage will be very light), to make sure you only use your phone lightly while in Switzerland, but use it reasonably often on your visits to the UK. Then I'd think it unlikely that you'd trigger whatever warnings the system looks for about abuse of the roaming rules. I doubt that it looks primarily at the number of days that you've connected via a roaming network, more at whether you're clocking up a lot of regular non-UK usage. The various networks still have to pay each other for roaming usage, as I understand it, so they need to protect the bottom line.

Someone who understands Pay Monthly better than I do should be able to give you guidance on this, as there must be a few points above and beyond making sure you don't look as though you're abusing the system!

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16: Advanced member

Hi there,

To be fair, it sounds like you'll be absolutey fine.

From end of January through end of March isn't an hugely long period and as you say, the phone won't be exclusively used abroad during that time. You will have periods where it's being used on the Vodafone UK network.

Also to reassure you, even if Vodafone did decide to take action on your roaming use then you'd either be looking at (a) a surcharge being added to your usage (which they'd have to give you fair warning of which would result in you just calming your usage till you're back home or (b) turning off your roaming service - again, you'd be fine with that.

The only way you'd hurt your credit rating is if you decided at any point to stop paying your monthly bill but I can't see why that would happen.

So no, go to Switzerland, roam away! The coverage on Swisscom is brilliant and that's who my phone hooks up to every time I'm there!

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