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Pay as you go

Rubbish Service

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2: Seeker

I agree - Nothing in Vodafone works in fact I think the truth is that NOBODY works in Vodafone.  Vodafone are advertising broadband service in West Wales that they actually get nowhere near in speed terms.  Then try contacting them to tell them what useless service actually consists of.  Try phoning them, the lines are always clogged, if you get through to the answerphone - it tells you that they will ring you back.  So you press no 1 button and they confirm the phone that they or it will call.  You wait usually 30 - 45 minutes then your phone rings once, yes once, you pick it up and it is dead.  

So, you try the chat line, that is about as bad if not worse.  It can take 1 hour to get somebody to reply, and when they do reply they have a typing speed of an arthritic snail.  The people at the other end promised me that as the broadband was not up to speed that they WOULD NOT CHARGE me until they had some work on the lines.  Fine.  What did I get today ...a bill - So not only can they not keep a promise, they tell lies, and break contracts.  False advertising, failing to provide services that have been paid for - they are guilty of so many offences they deswerve hanging with PIANO WIRE from the nearest Telephone post!


I am totally breaking up - at the end of my tether - what do I do to get these idol idiots to provide the service that THEY promised?  

If I sold Vodafone a car, and when it was delivered it had only ONE wheel - they would say that I was a swindler, of that I have no doubt.  Build them a 4 bedroomed house with only one bedroom they would go mad!!


Vodafone are so stinking a service that words without profanities is almost an impossible task.


@Ianhoyland wrote:

Can someone explain to me how someone as big as Vodafone can give such a rubbish service and still survive!!!


I have had a vodafone 785 with  PAYG and have been plagued over the last year by multiple marketing texts, 4 times a day for offers that expired 9 months ago!!! Can I get them stopped, - of course not   I have tried: -


Chat line (x2)

Customer Services

Local shop - could help nor could they give me the unlock code (supposedly freely available)

Formal complaints to HQ (x2) - where I was promised not only to stop the texts, but compensation.  Funnily enough no one can remember ANY of this conversation!!!!!

Several STOP text numbers

This forum service


The lastest wheeze is that now they have 'lost' my registration file, so can't block the texts.  Went to local shop (especially) to find their computer link is 'down' - no re-registration..  I am still awaiting confirmation that ANYONE is making any progress!!!!


In case your wondering - no, putting in a competitors SIM doesn't work either.  Presumably jolly old Vodafone had put in a software patch that provokes the phone to still 'phone home' even though the SIM and mobile number have been changed - so still continue to get vodafone marketing texts!!!!!


It's good to see that Vodafone takes CUstomer Service so seriously!!!!!!












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I'm disappointed to hear you feel this way about our service @BINDATEK, please contact us through the private message I've sent and we'll be happy to look into your query and offer a resolution.

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