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Pay as you go

SMS commands for Balance Enquiry on a Tracker.

2: Seeker

Hi All, 


I have a Vodafone PAYG sim in a GPS tracker, this is then used to send the location of the tracker when needed. I however have been unable to get the balance enuqury working via a txt command from another phone. I have a similar setup on an alarm dialler where by i send the command "Dial *#1345#" to the sim and it responds with my balance, simple. 


However this tracker wants a carrier number and code? I have tried the commands "Dial *#1345#" and "Balance *#1345#" but neither work. 


The device says i need to request "balance+password+space+carrier phone number +space+code" to the tracker. how it should then work is the device accepts the balance request, it remembers this then sends the code to the carriers number. once it has a reply it then forwards this back to my number. 


All the other commands with this work so its not the device or setup, i have credit and can track etc. It must be the format or style im requesting this. Does anyone know if i can use a number and code to request a balance? Its much easier than having to log in and check, and i can then schedule this automatically monthly. 


Thanks in advance. 




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17: Community Champion

Hi @gummy100 


I am sure this is no possible when you don't have the SIM in a phone.


However,  you can call the 03 number on the link below from any other phone to hear your balance.

How can I check my Pay as you go balance?


Apart from that, it is going to mean logging on but this is going to mean setting up an alternative contact number to receive the code.



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2: Seeker

Hi AnnS,


Thanks for the reply. Its definatly possible as i do it on the alarm dialler and send "Dial *#1345#"  and get the balance reply back via replay to my phone, however the tracker seems to want a different command to be issued made up of a number and a code. 


Lets hope someone has done this before :s 



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