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Split Porting issue

2: Seeker
I recently ported to Vodafone and since then have stopped receiving OTP messages from various sources such as Apps, Websites etc.  For some reason, I get OTP messages from Vodafone.  
I used to get all the OTP messages when I was with my earlier provider .
Please provide me a solution for this issue!
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17: Community Champion

Hi @Hussain123 


The first thing to do is to make sure you have the correct message centre number, this should be +447785 016005.


Your port has gone through you are able to use all Vodafone services and the only issue here will be receiving OTP's. 


This will  be a problem with the sites where you are trying to receive the OTP messages, you will find the messages are being stopped as security and phishing prevention and you need to add the number and device to the site safe list.


The number stored with your bank and other services will be with your previous SIM and you will need to contact these companies and ask them to reset or remove your number.  This will enable you to readd the number and set up OTP with Vodafone.  It's unlikely you will be able to do this through your account, you will need to contact the company through other Customer Service channels, they will help.


The Team here on the forum will be able to provide the necessary account account to make sure there is nothing at account level preventing receipt of OTP messages.  You can contact the Team direct here: Contact the Team

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