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TWO SIMS IN ONE PHONE - neither working!

1: Seeker

Hi all,

I have just put two SIMS in a Huawei P9-lite. One is French, one is an English Vodafone PAYG. I have just arrived in France and neither of them will let me send a text. I am confused about settings -data, etc. Please help!

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17: Community Champion



May I ask...


Was the Payg SIM card activated and topped up. 


Is roaming turned on in your Account. 


Are there any relavant bars in your myvodafone 


Try manually choosing another network. 


Is it possible the foreign network is at issue. 


Some duel sim phones only allow the 2nd sim tray to access data.


This link should help in explaining about abroad use > Vodafone and Abroad.  


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4: Newbie

they are thieves, use a different provider but ask the relevant questions first.

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